Terrible Two…

Right now, my biggest headache is my son. Wait, can I write that or will this come back to haunt me during his teenage years or during an eventual custody battle? Anyway, this creature is not my son. He clearly has been possessed by some sort of demon. I was reading up on different sites to learn how to perform an exorcism. Alas, it seems he simply suffers from the Terrible Twos. I figured that since he was closer to 3 than 2 that we were probably out of the woods and that we had avoided the worst. Wrong. Since our family trip to California last month, my child has decided to experience all possible mood swings every single day. The highs are really high and the lows, well they simply suck. And, all these personality variations can switch up every 5 minutes or so. Lovely stuff! But, the little bugger remains a cutie so that makes it all the more frustrating! Basically, I think he is just testing my patience as I have been doing with my parents for the last 33 years or so. What goes around…

Exhibit A


2 thoughts on “Terrible Two…

  1. Maybe you need to watch Supernanny. She has very good advice for parents going through these stages, the first being consistent no matter what. But he will grow up eventually and you will wonder what all the worrying was about!

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